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We understand that money can be tight sometimes so we offer a limited number of money free options to upgrade your account. If you would like to take advantage of this offer please contact us with the position you would like to be considered for, your user name and briefly why you would like the role. Please bear in mind if you are considering offering your support in this way, especially for the peer support role, your own mental health at the moment as supporting others can have an adverse effect on some individuals.


Welcome newbie’s to the site, help them feel at home and to settle in, answer any questions they may have.

Peer supporter

Peer supporters can log onto the live support system and speak 1-1 with members.

Mini Mods

Have the ability to invisable and visable posts and topics. They help keep the forums free of spam and posts that break the terms.

Maximum number of welcomers/peer supporters at any time is 20. Welcomers/peer supporters and mini mods are general members of the forums who have offered to help the community they do not go throught the volunteer application process.

Loyal Members

Members who are loyal to the site will get a free upgrade to either sponsor or VIP Sponsor group.

Qualifying criteria:

3000 posts - Sponsor OR
5000 posts - VIP Sponsor OR
Member for 2 years - Sponsor OR
Member for 3 years - VIP Sponsor

Due to the settings on the boards we cannot automatically promote members on both of these settings at the same time. Periodically the settings will be changed which should put most people in the correct group but please feel free to contact us if you reach these criteria and have not been upgraded and we will do do as soon as possible.

Advertise the site

  • Tell your GP, mental health team etc. about us
  • Find lists of websites that are related to the work we do which we are not already listed on so we can ask for a link exchange.
  • Add our link to your signature in other forums you may use, add a link to us if you own your own website or facebook, myspace profile etc.
  • Find relevant contact email addresses for people that we can ask if they would like to receive our newsletter.