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How long does it last?

72 hours

What is the reason?

If the compliance with the normal procedure of Sections 2 & 3 would cause undesirable delay and increase suffering and risk.

Who can issue a Section 4?

An Approved Social Worker (ASW) or the nearest relative. The person applying for the section must have seen the Patient within the last 14 days.

Medical Say So:

One Doctor must determine that it is of utter urgency for the patient to be admitted under Section 2 and waiting for another Doctor to confirm the need for Section 2 would cause undesirable delay and increase suffering and/or risk. Patient must be admitted within 24 hours of request for detention or medical examination. The Doctor must have seen the person within the last 24 hours.


Do you self harm?

Yes - 49.4%
No - 18.3%
Used to but stopped - 32.1%

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