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Seeking Diagnosis

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Monday, 02 March 2015 11:22

Seeking Diagnosis

One of most popular enquiries we receive from Parers of people with Personality Disorder is “How the do I get my loved one diagnosed?”

I'm afraid the short answer is you don't, you can't, or at least not without their cooperation. Should you have this, then the process is quite simple.

  1. Go with the person you suspect of having a Personality Disorder to their GP.
  2. Ask for a referral to a Psychiatrist. Should they be able to afford it, going to see a Private Psychiatrist is quite a lot quicker and costs in the region of £150.
  3. Speak about your suspicion of Personality Disorder being the appropriate diagnosis.

Many people however, will not receive this cooperation and therefore must consider asking themselves “Why is it I want them to receive a diagnosis?”

Could it be that you are looking for a reason or excuse for their behaviour?

Even if they had the diagnosis would it excuse their behaviour?

What does it mean to you, if your loved one receives a diagnosis?

It is completely understandable for you to want an explanation as to why your life is more complex and chaotic due to this person behaving in a manner which may suggest they have a Personality Disorder. It may be more beneficial for you however, to encourage them to seek help for the problems they are experiencing, after all, Personality Disorder is just a label for a series of problems/symptoms.

Some may find it a little less frightening to receive care and treatment for specific problems they are experiencing rather than to receive a diagnosis that could affect their whole life including their work, travelling abroad, and future relationships. Remember you can't change another person, only yourself. Take steps to keep yourself safe by observing your own limits. There is only so much you can do, and you need to be clear, not only for your sake, but also that of the person you care for.


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