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Dealing with depression throughout your life
Can have a strain on a husband and wife
Sometimes you feel it will never end
We can fall out with our family and friends
When the black cloud hits what can we do
Nothing can stop us from feeling so blue
Depression is hard to deal with no matter what
Young or old, married or not
Having someone to talk to is very good
Sometimes people can draw their own blood
Others try to end their lives
Some just wish they could but never try
Depression is an illness that is taboo
So many people suffer not just me and you
Some people try to live a normal life
Hiding the sadness they feel inside
Depression is hard to understand
Sometimes we just need a helping hand
To get us through the black hole we are in
And try to heal the hurt within


Do you self harm?

Yes - 49.4%
No - 18.3%
Used to but stopped - 32.1%