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What is this thing we call life?

Constantly issuing us with trouble and strife.

Is there such thing as heaven or hell?

On this thought many do dwell.


A whole universe still left to explore

Thinkers like me we want to know more.

Are there spirits all around us here on earth?

Or when people go is that it? What is life worth?


Can the dead see or hear us?

Is our existence enough?

People need to be more open minded

But instead their thoughts are just coiled and winded


People believe in just one thing

I am waiting to see what life will bring

How were we created? There is no proof

There are lots of theories, they could be spoof.


Some believe in God and the bible

Some in charms and ways of life, think tribal.

All different people believe in different gods & theories

Me? I just have many queries.


I want to find out and know

When I die where will I go?

Because I don’t believe in just one theory, I will give most a chance

By this where will I go? Where will I advance?


If only we could know, that when people go, when they exit this existence

If only we could know that they would have happiness and bliss

It would put our minds at rest

To know it was for the best


But until we know this we will always grieve

Maybe that’s why people believe; to help them with grief.

Until we know more and open that door,

We will never know what our existence is for.


Charlotte Sheppard


Do you self harm?

Yes - 49.4%
No - 18.3%
Used to but stopped - 32.1%