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Failed Fairy Tale

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They called me
Since my hair fell
Right down my back
Witty, inventive
I laughed so hard
That I took scissors
And snipped away
Until it was gone
They called me
For indeed I did
Have blonde hair
Amusing, original
So funny in fact
That I hit the bottle
And died it black
Blonde hair no longer
They called me
Sleeping Beauty
Because I could sleep
Wherever I was
Humorous, clever
So much so that
Now I stay awake
Throughout the night
Wishing for sleep


They called me
The ugly sister
As I am ugly and
I have two sisters
Hilarious, smart
It made my mouth
Ache from the smile
And my eyes burn
From unshed tears

They call me
Nothing at all
I don't matter enough
To have a name
Charming, hurtful
I'm no princess
Not even close
I failed them all
By being me

They'll call me
Stupid bitch
When they learn
That I ended it all
Shocking, confusing
For they will never
Understand why
My tale could have
No happy ending


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