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Mood Changes

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I can feel my mood changing,
I know soon I will start raging,
It’s the on come of my PMS,
It’s really making me feel the stress, I shout at everyone in my life,
Does this make me a bad mother and wife?

They all know signs,
PMS is in my eyes, I can feel that I’m frowning,
Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning,
I wish these feelings would got away,
So that I can enjoy my day, Why am I so down in the dumps,
I always seem to have to hump,

I just want to sit alone,
If no-ones around I can’t moan, PMS changes me as a person,
I snap at everyone for no reason,
I just hope that they all know,
Jus how much I love them so!!


Do you self harm?

Yes - 49.4%
No - 18.3%
Used to but stopped - 32.1%