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That mouth is smiling at me now
But I thought I had forgotten how
It can't be me that's looking back
Who is she that has what I lack?
A stranger who has got it right?
One who's managed to win the fight?
How did she survive what I cannot?
She has every flaw that I have got.
Something's wrong but what is it?
There's something there that doesn't fit
It's in the eyes, I finally see
They're not smiling back at me


I look a bit harder and then I know
That the smile is just there for show
I do know the person that I can see
That's the person they all think is me

This must be the mask that I wear
To face them all so they don't stare
It hides my tears and my pain
But slowly it drives me insane

For a second there the mask slips
The smile begins to fade from my lips
But the moment passes and now it's back
I must be ready for the next attack

Smile and pretend, laugh and fake
I need to get home before I break
The tears spill out from my eyes
There's nothing left, I realise

Alone I wander to the cliff
I jump and then I'm lying stiff
The end is now and I'm alone
Wonder if they'll notice I am gone


Do you self harm?

Yes - 49.4%
No - 18.3%
Used to but stopped - 32.1%