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About our network

Our network is a national group of practitioners who are specialists or have a specialist interest in working with those diagnosed with personality disorder. Our Nationally available practitioners are available to work with you face to face, over the telephone or via the Internet and BPDWORLD’s secure server.

Benefits of Joining Our Network

  1. Client referrals
  2. Professional consult
  3. Membership will boost your professional status
  4. Personality disorder newsletters
  5. Discounts on our future conferences
  6. Information leaflets
  7. Discounts on distance learning training courses
  8. Discounts on Professional Liability Insurance

Requirements For Joining:

  • You must be qualified to Diploma Level
  • You must have Professional Liability Insurance
  • Have had previous experience in working with a diagnosis of personality disorder

How it works

Joining our network is completely free. The only time you will incur a cost is for each and every initial assessment/appointment a client referred to you by us.

The client pays us for the first session and then every session after that your rates are paid to you.

It’s as simple as that. Receive no referrals pay nothing.

For more information on joining the network please call our information line number: 0844 445 0629

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