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Silver Unity's Story

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Tuesday, 03 March 2015 10:41

Silver Unity's Story

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My name is Heather Ann Presley and I was born on Dec 9th 1987. My parents are Steven and Tessa Close. When I was 3 months old I got taken by CPS and put in the care of my maternal grandparents. B/c my dad had raped me and my mom. My mom came and lived with us and I grew and when I learned to talk I imitated what I heard calling my grandparents mom and dad. Then when I was 3 my grandpa had a series of heart attacks died twice and was hospitalized for 47 days. Scared the shit outta me. I started elementary school when i was 5 and that started the teasing and the harassment from peers. Years passed by without anything eventful happening till when I was 10. My dad got released on profanation and came to my 10th birthday party that’s when I found out all about my past and what had happened. Then my mom got remarried. I started to not feel very happy anymore but I wasn't really "depressed yet" Then at the end of my 8th grade yr I had to change schools. Plus all of my friends were seniors and they were leaving me. So I became really depressed. I made my first suicide attempt by hanging. Didn’t really work that well. I started my new school and hated it the kids were even more horrible to me everyday I got busted by my counsellor etc. I managed through my freshmen yr. Then that summer my best friend came over to my house and shot and killed herself. She bled to death in my arms. That is what started a chain of suicide attempts and got me hospitalized for 2 month’s realizing I was bipolar had anxiety issues and minor OCD